the beginning


After relocating from work in the Texas oil industry and having a penchant for coin collecting, Jack Baxter dips his toe into the coin business at the kitchen table in Titusville, PA, working at shows, with banks, and other dealers.

The business grows


Jack Baxter makes the transition to full-time business in coins, scrap gold, jewelry, antiques, and coin shows.

Collector's Shop opens


Jack Baxter opens the coin office, the Collector's Shop, on Park Avenue, in Meadville, PA.

A celebration


High school sweethearts, Jack Dempsey and Sherri Baxter, Jack Baxter's daughter, wed.

A new partnership


Jack Baxter & Jack Dempsey join forces; Sherri's mom works with book distributors, leading to Dempsey & Baxter being seen as a curated resource for antique collectors. Jack Baxter studies restoration of antiques, glasswork and paper.

A natural evolution

1975 - 76

As the business evolves, jewelry becomes a bigger portion of the retail business.

A new location

1978 - 79

The metals markets escalate, and volume of estate jewelry increases; Dempsey & Baxter becomes a hub in the precious metals industry with other dealers. The Meadville store is sold, and Dempsey & Baxter relocates to 5025 Peach Street, in the Summit Plaza in Erie, PA. The work with banks, attorneys, insurance companies and nationwide coin shops increases.

Precious metals boom


Dempsey & Baxter does extraordinary volume, quickly becoming a household name.

Family milestones


Jack Baxter retires from the business, and Jack Dempsey starts over in a small basement office.

Little Red House

1988 - 89

The shop moves to little red house on East 38thStreet, Erie, PA, as the company experiences rapid growth.

a new building


The business acquires the lot next door, the little red house is torn down, and a new building is built.

peach street location


After growing to 14 employees and a lack of adequate parking, they decided it was time to expand again. Dempsey & Baxter expanded to its current location, 6032 Peach Street, Erie, PA.