Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection

For Jewelry That Lasts a Lifetime

Thorough jewelry inspection and cleaning allows our team to help you head off major repairs or losses. Let the jewelry experts at Dempsey & Baxter care for your favorite jewelry styles with this complimentary service!

Jewelry inspection includes examining your jewelry under magnification, looking for low, broken or bent prongs, cracks in the metal, as well as loose or damaged gemstones. Once inspected, your jewelry is cleaned using a method appropriate for the gemstone and/or metal.

Most precious metal and gemstone pieces are cleaned using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which uses a heated cleaner and oscillation to free your jewelry from dirt, debris and build up. The jewelry is then steamed to a brilliant shine! Pieces that are made with delicate gemstones, such as pearl, emerald, and opal, are cleaned using a gentle cleaner. They are then dried by hand. Sterling silver jewelry is cleaned using a specialized cleaner that quickly removes tarnish, bringing back it’s brilliance!

Looking to clean your jewelry at home in-between professional cleanings? Explore the entire collection of jewelry cleaning products available at Dempsey & Baxter to meet your needs!

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The Importance of Jewelry Inspection & Cleaning