Our Process

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It all starts with your idea.
Let Us Help You Achieve Your Design Goals

Depending upon the level of customization you are looking for, the team at Dempsey & Baxter Jewelers can help you achieve your design goals.

Style Modification & Restoration
Do you have an existing piece of jewelry that needs a facelift? Let our expert custom design team work with you to retain what you like about your design, and make adjustments that will modernize the look. Examples include:

  • New head style
  • Higher or lower head
  • Replace damaged or abraided stones
  • New center stone (shape or size)
  • New ring shank
  • Adding a new band


Do you have outdated jewelry that you are no longer wearing? Have you inherited jewelry that is not your style? The specialists at Dempsey & Baxter Jewelers can help you redesign jewelry that you no longer wear into something that you’ll treasure for years to come! Work together with our team to create a new design that represents YOU! Stop in to chat with a team member today.

Custom Design

You have an idea and you’re ready for it to come to life! Let our design team help you, step by step, through the custom design process. Starting with a clear idea or image, we will work together to fine tune the design to your specifications. The jewelry is either handcrafted by one of our master jewelers, or created by computer aided design. Handcrafted jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind, and is custom made by the jeweler specifically for your project. Designs completed through computer aided design allow you to see a visual representation of your design prior to casting.
Dempsey & Baxter

Custom Jewelry Design