Pearl Stringing

For pearls that last a lifetime

Pearl stringing

Professional pearl cleaning, as well as restringing services, are available on-site at Dempsey & Baxter Jewelers. If you’ve inherited a strand of pearls, or if it’s been some time since you have worn your favorite necklace or bracelet, let the jewelry experts at Dempsey & Baxter inspect your pearl jewelry to see if it’s time to have them restrung. Both frequent and infrequent wear can lead to deterioration of the string that keeps the pearls neatly along the strand. You can also look for slack between the pearls, fraying or stretching of the knots, or pearl discoloration. Depending upon how often you wear them, pearls typically should be restrung every 12-24 months. Restringing your pearl necklace or bracelet can restore its life and bring you joy of wear for years to come.

How are pearls restrung?

The process of pearl stringing takes time, skill, and knowledge, but once finished, can breathe new life into your treasured necklace or bracelet.

If needed, the process begins with a gentle cleaning. Once the strand is clean and allowed to dry, it is disassembled. The layout is adjusted if necessary and restrung on cord. Unless requested, the strand is knotted between each pearl. This is done to not only extend the life of the strand, but also protects the pearls from rubbing against each other. Additionally, should the strand ever break, you are likely to only lose a few pearls, as opposed to many.

Pearl restringing service can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending upon the time of year, as well as the level of service the strand requires. Expedited service may be available.

Additional Tips for Pearls

Pearls are delicate and luminous gemstones that should be treated with care. We always say - pearls should be “last on, first off.” Apply hair spray, cosmetics, and perfumes before wearing pearl jewelry, as these products could mark or discolor the pearls. After wearing, carefully wipe with a soft cloth to remove any traces of these products. We suggest avoiding contact with chemicals, abrasives or solvents that can damage your pearls. Additionally, wearing pearls in water can potentially damage the silk or cord they are strung on.

To store your pearl jewelry piece safely, choose a jewelry box or tray, away from other items that could scratch the surface of the pearl. You can also wrap pearl jewelry in a tissue or a chamois bag for extra protection.

To clean your pearls, gently use a damp cloth to remove build up, taking care not to pull on the strand, which could possibly stretch the cord. You can also periodically wash pearl jewelry with mild soap and water, or with jewelry cleaner specifically designed for delicate stones. Always lay pearls flat to dry, as hanging them may cause the cord on which they are strung to stretch.

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